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Great and not so great icons

The Icons I liked:

I really enjoy these for their simplicity. The first set I like how they try to create each icon with one continuous line. With the second set, I enjoy how simple and different the icons are, unique and easy to look at. With the third set, I like the bean shapes that are behind each icon and are not perfectly behind it either. All these have a nice consistency to them.


The Icon I don't care for:

I don't really like these. Like the first set, I don'y like the color scheme. Also, there is some detail and complicated forms that, when it gets smaller, becomes harder to read what it is. Same with the third set, which is more detailed with figures and specific design choices that wont look very good small. With the second set, I'm a bit conflicted. The only reason I don't really care for it is that some of the icons created, I cant tell what they're supposed to mean. One is just a triangle or a box with a dot.

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